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This site is new. It's a work in progress. As soon as we have a vision or mission statement, or something, be sure that I'm going to write about it here...

Anyway, basically we're all about making music, music production, PA Hire for small to medium venues, sound engineering, and, because we have to eat, KARAOKE! See below for more information!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for dropping by. It is lovely for us to host your visit!

(Now, how do I get a smiley face to appear here...??)

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Live Sound Engineering and PA Hire

We are the perfect partners for your party, 'gig', 'event',
thingy whatnot...

We can provide full PA and Sound Engineering solutions for small and medium sized events (bands, DJs, pubs, clubs, reception venues...).

Live music is our PASSION!

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Fun, parties, karaoke, wahoooo...!!

So, we're serious musicians, serious about music production, serious about what we do, and - it turns out - serious about making sure you have a GREAT night of fun, fun, FUN !!!

We can cater for all your 'Karaoke and a DJ' needs, by which I mean, we can provide Karaoke and a DJ. So, mics, stands, backing tracks and lyrics... Plus flashing lights, that sort of thing.  Also, a cool ultra violet lamp that makes your clothes glow!  Sometimes also your teeth!!

Sounds like what you're looking for?  Get in touch...  

Want to take it further?  You could record yourself a demo.... Ooooooo...!!!!



Not actually a different service offering this, to be honest. 

We can't actually marry people or anything. 

What we can do is provide some PA Hire and Sound Engineering

services for your band and/or DJ, and use our talent network to

put you in touch with bands, DJs etc.  Did I mention we do Karaoke?

In fact, once we're there, we'll pretty much help with anything...

...carry stuff, put stuff, fetch stuff...


Music consulting...

Sometimes you just want to bounce some ideas around.
We can help you bounce...!

Maybe you want to talk about the best way to approach a project, the right tools,
software, and techniques.
Maybe you're wondering which end of your secondary dominant to point at people.
"Does E7 go after a D here...?"
We love to chat about stuff. We love swapping ideas. We love getting know other people
who are wading around the same quagmire we are... 
Get in touch.

Converse with us, baby

...and collaboration

Got great ideas?
Looking for support to bring them into reality?
Ready to partner up?

We can engage in all areas of music production,
from composition and arrangement, lyrics,
mixing and recording,
through to finding the right audio mastering
solution for your needs.


and Collaboration

Building networks and relationships is key to any endeavour.  Get in touch - join our network.

Go on punk, make my day!

Recording Services for Demos and Catalogue Tracks

Create and capture your unique sound with an experienced Sound Engineer and comprehensive 'in-the-box' recording and mastering tools. We can provide top quality, industry standard vocal recording mics and a wide range of instrument mics for recording - dare we say it - real instruments!



School Projects and Productions

We have tools, technology, skills, and an immense willingness to get involved and help with school projects in the local area.  Got something we might be able to help with?  Get in touch...


Corporate Events

Need to 'present' something to someone? Want it to be audible, sound clear and professional, and add some background music?  We can do that for you...

Or, better still, we can jazz up your presentation with a vocoder and a ping/pong delay, couple of LFOs and some ring modulation?? 
Put on a show for them!! Live music, lights, smoke machine... 
DJ! Did I mention we do Karaoke? 
Tell you what, we'll even write you your own corporate song to sing...
Come on, it'll be great!

Umm, fees, prices, moolah

Sorry to be uncooth, but we thought you'd like to know;

  • We never charge for anything we're not good at or don't do well. Never.

  • We will never charge a bean without telling you what the fees will be before you commit.  We will always discuss this with you 'verbally' and then confirm by email.

  • We will always make sure you know what you're getting for the money as well as how much we propose to sting you for, and how this was calculated.


  • We do not generally intend to be beaten on price, unless our competitors are doing something silly.  Feel free to speak to us about quotes you may have received elsewhere.



We will be so delighted to hear from you! You seem so nice!
Please do get in touch using the form opposite, or email us at the address below:

07879 644213

Thanks for submitting!


Leamington Spa

Look! There's a map of lovely Leamington Spa above! See where it is...? It's right in the middle of England.

Leamington Spa itself is actually FREE* to visit, making it an ideal town in which to host your event!

And it's lovely!!!  Here's a picture...

(*Umm, just for clarity's sake, this is a joke really. Whilst it's true that there is, at the time of writing, no charge for entering the town, other terms and conditions may apply depending on what you do during your visit. No warranty or indemnity is given or implied. Oh, and be careful where you park...!!  <insert smiley face here>)

Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...