Equipment List - PA / Karaoke solutions

At Gorgeous Productions, we use high quality PA Speakers, mixers, amplification, microphones, and music production software to ensure your event sounds great...

Here is a list of the key units that we use when putting PA / live audio solutions together.  Depending on your requirements we will assemble a solution based on some combination of these, and we will agree the details with you well in advance.

RCF 712a.PNG

RCF 712As

​Outstanding front of house speakers for up to medium-sized venues.  Great clarity and plenty of power.  Best used in conjunction with a sub-woofer for most applications, especially in larger venues, to get a really full and powerful sound mix.

  • 129 dB Max SPL

  • 1400 Watt 2-way peak power

  • 700 Watt RMS

  • Innovative DSP Processing

  • 1" Compression Driver, 1.75" v.c.

  • 12" Woofer

  • 90°x60°, wide dispersion constant directivity horn



Another superb front of house speaker​, these also give extremely good service as stage monitors.

15" woofers provide relatively more bass capacity than the RCFs and so can be more appropriate in circumstances where a sub-woofer won't be used.

  • 15" Powered Loudspeaker

  • 1000 W (Class D);

  • 127 dB max SPL;

  • 42 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response

  • 15” woofer and 1.5” high-frequency titanium compression driver

Behringer B1800XP.PNG

Behringer B1800XPs

These are great sounding and extraordinarily robust sub-woofer speakers. 

We would generally recommend only one sub-woofer is used for most small to medium applications.  The human ear cannot discern stereo detail at these frequencies, and the signals from two (or more) subs may well interfere problematically.

  • Maximum Output Power: 3000W

  • SPL (Half Space): Max 129 dB @ 1m

  • Frequency Range: 32Hz - 200Hz (-10 dB)

  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 150Hz (±3 dB)

  • Woofer: 18''

Behringer monitor.PNG

Additional Monitor Speakers

  • Various Behringer speakers used to provide additional stage monitoring as required.

  • Can also be used for small DJ rigs.

X Air XR 18.PNG


  • Behringer X-Air XR18.

  • Superb 18 channel wireless mixer and stage box.

  • Excellent quality effects.

  • Can be operated remotely from any WiFi capable device.

  • Enables mixing from anywhere (or everywhere) in the room.

  • Enables mixing from multiple devices simultaneously (one for effects, one for main mix, one for monitor mix, for example)...

SM58 vs D5.PNG


  • Shure SM58s (Live vocals and instruments)

  • Shure SM57s (Instruments and snare)

  • Sennheiser E935s (Live vocals)

  • AKG D5s (Live vocals and instruments)

  • AKG Drum mics (D112 - kick, C430 - overheads, D40 - toms)

  • AKG C1000s (for pretty much anything...)

  • AKG C535EB (Live or studio condensor)

  • AKG C414 XL2 (Industry standard studio vocal mics)



  • Cubase 9.5

  • Waves Diamond bundle plus Abbey Road, Scheps Omni Channel, and others.

  • Slate Digital compressors, channel strips, delay and reverb, etc.

  • Kush Audio compressors, EQ, drive / saturation, dynamics / tone / texture etc.

  • Omnisphere 2 synth

  • Serum synth

  • Metrum

  • Ozone 8 (mastering tool)

  • Various other plugins